Ongoing Project

Project Name
Widening & Strengthening / Reconstruction of Madhupur- Baikunth Dham (on MDR-225) - Fulchi-Delipather- Dhamni More (Pandania-Jagdispur Road,on ODR) Road (Total length -10.77km)Under Road Division, Deoghar. for he year 2023-24
Construction of Bridge over Jamuniya Riverbetween Kadradih Gothwartand) and Khakikala in Dumri Block, disrtrict Giridih. for he year 2023-24
Construction Of HL Bridge On Nilanjana River On The Road From Lohsinghana To Karma In Hunterganj Block Of Chatra District for he year 2023-24
Widening, Strengthening and reconstruction in four lane road of Birsa Chowk to Dhurwa Golchakkar (Length-2.60 KM) (Including bicycle track and footpath) and Improvement of riding quality work in Dhurwa Golchakkar to Project Building (Length-1.50 Km) (Total length-4.10 KM) for the year 2022-23.
Construction of Bridge over Chithawa Ghat of Barakar River in village Karagiyo, Panchayat Kolhukala, Barhi block, district Hazaribag For the year 2022-23.
Construction of Road from Chuna Bhattha Purani Rai to Rai Bazaar Chowk Bus Stand via Ratanlal Petrol Pump (L-6.00 Km.)for the year 2022-23.